How to Participate in FEC Program & (FAQs)

FEC Coaching Program

As you meet with your Financial Empowerment Center Coach, you will review your progress towards your goals and discuss strategies for staying on track. 

  1. How can you participate in the Financial Empowerment Center  (FEC) Coaching Program? 

  • Send an email starting you're interested to: or call (305) 416-2181. We will contact you and give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about the program. Everyone who apples will have the opportunity for an initial counseling session and the program is entirely offered at no cost to participates.

We expect a high demand from local residents to enroll and participate in the full FEC program, so don't wait and enroll TODAY! anybody can participate no matter where you live withing the City of Miami.

Some Frequently asked questions.

  • How long will the Financial Empowerment Coaching last? 

This is ultimately up to you, but we want to assist you to make a lasting change. Our Financial Empowerment Center Coaches or staff will be following up with you at prescribed time almost every other month. This will enable you to have your questions answered, stay encouraged and focused on your goals. 

  • At what locations can I obtain this Financial Empowerment Coaching Service?

You are able to meet with your Financial Empowerment Coaches at different partner locations. Check the Financial Empowerment Center site list to see which one is the most convenient term of time and location. The partner site list can change without notice.

  • Is there a fee to work with a Financial Empowerment Coach? 

Because of the generous support of Citi Foundation, the financial Empowerment Coaching program is completely free of change to you the client. 

Meet Our Financial Empowerment Coaches

Comments from some of our Financial Empowerment Coaches:

" We are dedicated to guiding you to a healthier Financial picture. Our mission entails working with you in everything related to your Financial needs on a one-on-one basis. Contact us. Will set up a time to meet with you to review your Financial situation and to coach you to your  desired results."

"Everyone's  economic and situation is  unique. I believe that personalized  service is essential when matching clients with the right Financial security products and services. As a Financial Coach, I am dedicated to learning about your personal goals." -Ana Rojas